The Route 66 Red Rocker

The Route 66 Red Rocker

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Whether you are simply passing through Fanning through Route 66 or if you are really into exploring the area, one of the things you shouldn’t miss is the Route 66 Red Rocker. It is a popular attraction that you should also get a chance to see and know.

Let’s tell you more about what this gigantic beauty is plus where you can see it. We’ll also give you some facts and trivia about it.

A Little Bit Of History

The Route 66 Red Rocker is a giant red rocker that was constructed to mark the famous and historical U.S. Route 66, which was established back in 1926 and ran from Chicago to Los Angeles, California. The route passes through 9 states and passes over 8 different time zones, which is a testament to the number of people that traveled it.

In 1946, Fanning was known as the “rock center” for the five giant red rockers built there. Three of them were constructed on Route 66 and two others nearby. The most known one is located in front of a gas station along the route, which you can still see today.

In later years, it was redone and renovated a few times to make sure that the rocker is sturdy and stable. There’s a time when one of its legs broke off, but it was soon fixed.

The Rocker Today

Today, the Route 66 Red Rocker is an iconic symbol of not only Fanning but also Route 66 itself. Over the years, it has gained a lot of attention from history buffs and rock collectors who want to know more about this huge beauty.

Right now, you can easily see the red rocker in a rest area along the highway, which is located 18 miles south of Fanning. You should consider checking it out when you get the chance because of its sheer size and how famous it is.

Its Size And Location

The Route 66 Red Rocker has a length of 18 feet, a height of 12 feet, and a depth of 7 feet. It sits on top of an octagon-shaped concrete foundation that is 8 feet thick at its base. Its legs range from 30m inches to 3 feet in width.

The rocker is a total of 86,000 pounds and can hold up to 5 U.S. tons or more depending on the size of your vehicle. The legs are attached with 65-pound bolts that can hold a minimum of 4,500 psi each.

The rocker’s design and construction date back to the 1940s, but it was refurbished in 1964 because of factors such as erosion and poor condition. The rocker was repaired for a second time in 1993 by adding 13 steel bars at its base as well as fiberglass reinforcements at the rocker’s legs.