Kid-Friendly Attractions At St. Louis

Kid-Friendly Attractions At St. Louis

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St. Louis is one of the cities that route 66 passes through. It’s filled with different sites that you shouldn’t miss, just like in Springfield. Plus, there are also lots of things you can do when you go for a stop there.

Through this pandemic, kids were limited to their homes. Now that some of the sites are open, you can take them there to enjoy being outdoors even for a limited time.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or could splurge some cash, there is surely something here for you. However, you should take note that some of these aren’t open for walk-in tourists.

There are some sites where you need reservations before entry. This is to make sure that the number of people is limited to follow the social distancing guidelines. Here are some of the attractions you shouldn’t miss the next time you go to St. Louis.

Magic House

Most kids love everything magical and what better way to help them have fun than to visit the Magic House. This museum offers various interactive exhibits that the young ones will certainly enjoy. If your child prefers to be more active, and who wouldn’t, then they could spend some time in the Outdoor Play garden.

Many parents love this museum because it isn’t only entertaining but is educational too. It used to get crowded. However, with social distancing guidelines, there is now a limit in the number of people accommodated at a time.

It is ideal to schedule and get tickets in advance but limited walk-up tickets are also available. General admission is at $12 and those 1-year-old and below are free.

St. Louis Zoo

For a family-friendly trip, you shouldn’t miss going to the St. Louis Zoo. It is filled with different animals like bears, tigers, lions, swans, turtles, sloths, alligators, tarantulas and so much more.

There is also a wide selection of stingrays that you can touch at the Caribbean Cove. Don’t worry, their stingers have been clipped so they are safe to touch.

Aside from the number and variety of animals, many people also go here because the entrance fee is free. This zoo is also quite large so you can easily spend a day or two to see all of what it has to offer.

Even if the zoo admission fee is free, the number of people allowed is limited. You have to make reservations for the specific date and it should be made seven days prior. When making reservations you are required to enter at the reserved time slot. However, you can stay in the Zoo until closing time.

Your reservation is valid only for the day and time scheduled. The reservations are non-transferable and there is no penalty if you can’t come but you have to reschedule again if you want to visit the zoo. You can make a reservation through their website.

St. Louis Aquarium

City Museum

Another kid-friendly site to go to is the City Museum. It isn’t just a place for kids but for kids of all ages. It is a place filled with different children’s playgrounds and architectural sites that kids and adults alike will certainly enjoy.

There is an attraction specifically for toddlers where there is a ball pit and tunnels. Discover secret passages, ride the Ferriss wheel, be a princess at the castles and explore miles of tunnels all in one place.

Currently, you don’t need to make any reservation to visit this site. However, it is highly suggested to buy your tickets only. Tickets cost $15 but those who are two years and below may enter for free.

St. Louis Science Center

This is another site where the entrance fee is always free. However, special attraction tickets and parking fees are charged. Funds from those will be used for their science and technology programs.

It is filled with hundreds of exhibits about space, animals, weather, skyscrapers, and many others. There are also live demonstrations and science experiments that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

This used to be always filled with crowds of people. However, due to the pandemic, the number of people allowed inside is limited. Although admission is free, you have to reserve your entry tickets before getting there. You can reserve tickets by calling them or through online methods. However, if you reserve tickets online, there is a $3.50 charge for the online system maintenance.

If you’d like to take your chances, there are also on-site admission tickets available but it would only be of a limited number. Plus, the tickets would be subject to availability. It would still depend on the number of people.

Missouri Botanical Gardens

If you are into plants and nature, then the Missouri Botanical Gardens would be the perfect spot for you. It is filled with activities that the kids will certainly enjoy like exploring the limestone caves or climbing the treehouse.

This site isn’t just for kids but also for adults alike. There are some that we’re able to feed the koi fishes found in the Japanese Garden. There are also glass sculptures that you can marvel at.

General admission starts at $14 and is available online. However, online booking is not required. Just remember that walk-up tickets are also limited and you have a better chance to get in if you get your tickets in advance.