"St Lou-ee to Joplin Missouri"

With 318 miles of rolling hills and valleys in America’s heartland, the Missouri section of U.S. Route 66 embodies the pioneer spirit of America’s Favorite Road…

Route 66 History

With foundation laid by the Osage Indians hundreds of years before the invention of the automobile, Route 66 is steeped in a rich history that parallels the American experiences from a number of different perspectives.

Route Attractions

SEE! the 2nd Largest Rocking Chair at the Fanning 66 Outpost in Cuba, ASCEND! The iconic Gateway Arch in St Louis, SHOP! till you drop at Uranus Missouri. From the odd to the amazing – whatever you’re looking to do, you likely find it on R66 in Missouri…

Cities And Towns

Featuring plenty to do and see for any type of traveler, the towns and cities that dot Route 66 represent the very best that Missouri has to offer. Come find out more with content geared towards these unique municipalities…


Springfield, Missouri is officially recognized as the birthplace of the name which became known as the iconic “Mother Road.” It was on April 30, 1926 at the Colonial Hotel via telegram that Springfield businessman John T. Woodruff and Oklahoma businessman Cy Avery first proposed U.S. 66 as the name of the new Chicago-to-Los Angeles highway.

313 miles – 5th longest stretch of US 66

The Great Osage Trail blazed by the Osage Indian tribes, and before that the natural bison migration routes through the Midwest plains

St Louis has many nicknames, but some of the most popular include: “Gateway to the West”, “Home Of The Blues” “The Gateway City”, and “Mound City”

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