History Primer About Route 66

History Primer About Route 66

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Apart from being America’s oldest highways (1926), Route66 has also managed to be the most famous one.

It’s the perfect start for adventure enthusiasts to broaden their horizon and discover something new and unique – somehow maintaining much of it’s mystique over nearly a century.  So to enhance that experience, we decided to hit you with a brief take on everything that you need to know about Route 66.

Mother Road

US Route 66 is also called the “Mother Road” and came into existence thanks to the expansion and growth plans of America. People who wanted to migrate west required a way to get out from rural towns to enter urban cities and other large towns.

As a result, in 1962, the government began constructing a national highway from Chicago, IL diagonally to Santa Monica. CA. Considering the period in which it was built, it soon became popular as it helped a lot of communities.

A Mix of Eight States

Route 66 passes through eight states, and thus you have a lot of ground to cover. Due to that, the aspect of travelling needs to be accompanied by activities, eateries and so on. Since it all begins with Illinois, let’s start right from there.

a. Illinois and Missouri

Starting from Illinois is an ideal way to make matters happen as you get to see the Grant Park in Chicago, Mural City in Pontiac and the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle in Collinsville. When it comes to eateries, you have several options like Old Log Cabin, Crossroads Diner, Lou Mitchell’s and so on. On the other hand, the Meramec River US 66 Bridge and the World’s Largest Rocker in Fanning are few of the great sights in Missouri. Apart from that, eateries include the Missouri Hick Bar-B-Que, Ted Drews Frozen and so on.


b. Kansas and Oklahoma

Old Riverton Store and Marsh Rainbow Arch Bridge are two of the most significant places to visit in Kansas. Along the way, you will also come across eateries like Baxter Springs Smokehouse BBQ, Steve’s Candy and so on. When it comes to Oklahoma, you have the famous 1972 Blue Whale in Catoosa, Milk Bottle Grocery, Round Barn and so on. Once you’re hungry, places like the historic Rock Cafe, Dairy King and other such places can help you out.

c. Texas and New Mexico

While the Cadillac Ranch is a famous sight in Texas, the San Miguel Mission is another famous destination in New Mexico. Both these places have classic eateries like Stockyard Cafe, Midpoint Cafe, 66 Diner, Flying Tortilla and so on.

d. Arizona and California

Both Arizona and California have a great combination of sights and eateries like Arizona’s Painted Desert, Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Roy’s Motel Cafe, Delgadillo’s Snow Cap, Turquoise Room, River City Pizza, Idle Spurs Steakhouse and so on.

Shannon B. Hale

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