Birthplace And Rise
The western Crawford County in Missouri is named after john Fanning, who is originally from limerick, and the post office was established in 1887.
The rocking chair in Fanning has been certified as the second-largest one in the world by Guinness Book of World Records.
This Cuban outpost has some of the bleakest but beautiful routes in the country. Find out more by hitting the road.
The route was closed more than a year, and after the revival, the route opened to gushing traffic and tourists.

History Of U.S. Route 66

The route grew from the lane with two service stations on it in 1926 to the four-lane highway in 1950. It is now under I-44 and has been bypassed the new cuttings.

Route Description

A route that ran from the west in Santa Monica through Los Angeles and San Bernardino to Needles at Arizona state line.
The extension to the Route 66 ran east-west across New Mexico, Along the path which has now been taken by I-40.
In Missouri, the highway connected through downtown St. Louis at the Mississippi River to the west line of the state Kansas.


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I wish the road were still the same as in history; it is awesome

Christopher L. Murray

A road that has witnessed a country’s growth is a track back to the roots.

Santos A. Comer

Everything about this highway is retro, and it takes us to our best times with the rocking chair and the post office.

Santos A. Comer

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